Nigeria Navy In Pictures

The Nigerian Navy is considered the most efficient and equipped in Saharan Africa, possessing an entire tonnage of the rest of west Africa Combine.

Here we see the sophisticated Nigerian Navy war Ships and Helicopters (Recent Acquisitions Included)

Nigeria in terms of Ships are No 1 in Sub-Saharan Africa, only second to south Africa in Submarine in which the Nigerian Navy plans to acquire by 2019-2020.

NNS Thunder (F90):

In 2011, Chase was decommissioned and donated to the Nigerian Navy, which commissioned her as a frigate, NNS Thunder.Thunder was commissioned into Nigerian service on January 23, 2012.

In March 2012, Thunder collided with a vessel owned by Total S.A. on the Bonny River.


Currently NNS Thunder is The Biggest Ship in the Nigerian Navy Inventory and in West Africa.

Nigeria Navy SBS

A Nigerian Navy SBS commando in stealth mode



(Counter Piracy and Anti Bunkering assaults)

These interdictions typically involve gun battles with hostile elements namely, pirates and illegal bunkering syndicates at sea and require that SBS commandos inserted by boats and/or helicopters forcibly board, seize and recover a vessel from pirates or illegal oil bunkering syndicates. These are pretty much the stuff of day-to-day operations on account of the sheer number of pirates and bunkerers operating within the maritime domain.


The interception of suspected narcotics-bearing vessels is usually less hazardous business when compared to counter piracy and anti bunkering operations which almost always involve shootouts between SBS commandos and the hostile elements. Unopposed boardings occure less frequently than do opposed VBSS operations.


This entails direct maritime action against militants’ bases in the Niger Delta, including the destruction of creek-bound operating and training bases and the abduction of High Value Targets. The successful combined forces onslaught against Camp 5, the strongest militant base in the Niger Delta represents just one of such missions.

– HOSTAGE RESCUE, the liberation of captives from the clutches of militant groups and kidnapping syndicates across the Niger Delta

– PROTECTION of key and vulnerable onshore and offshore Oil and Gas installations



A string of successful and ongoing busts of terror cells, hideouts, logistics bases and IED production facilities in Maiduguri, Kano, Okene and Lokoja


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