Nigeria’s Military Procurement Plan 2018

As the Boko Haram threat gradually fades into oblivion, the Nigerian military is now taking tentative steps for its biggest procurement plans for infantry modernisation. The army plans to replace weapons lost to attrition, and replace its ageing weapons.

Nigeria’s Minister of Defense General Mansur Mohammed Dan-Ali meets with two Chinese Defense Contractors in Beijing.

The army plans to acquire 5,000 units of the Beryl assault rifles from Poland, increase its fleet of amoured vehicles from China, and add bite and range to its kinetic firepower by more (MLRS) Multiple Launch Rocket Systems.

Procurement list.


  • BigFoot MRAP
  • Beryl Assault Rifle
  • AA Guns
  • Mobile Fire Control Radar
  • Type 07PA Amoured Fighting Vehicles
  • EOD Robots
  • PHL03 MLRS


P18N Offshire Patrol Vessel

Production line of 7.62mm amunitions, increasjbg the production from 2 milkion earlier projected to 20 million due to the urgent need of the military.

The mjnister of defense also held a meeting wuth te management of China’s Ship Building Industry Cooperation- CSIC to resokve the iasue with Nigeria’s second Offshore Patrol Vessel they are building for Nigeria and agree on a timeline of delivery to the country, and the possible aquition of a Diesel powered submarine for a much reduced price tag of $120 million.

It should be noted that just last week Nigeria secured the commitment of China for the provision of $550 million towards the purchase of two additional satellites launch into space. After the formal manufacturing process has eventually commenced, it will take another two years for the launch of the satellites which is conceived to take the entire satellite communications market in Nigeria and the entire African continent.

Already Nigeria has more infrastructure in Space than all of Africa combined. Adding to new satellites means the Nigerian satellite company can conquer the entire African continent with regards to the provision of satellite communication services.


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