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Well some of you might think this article is crazy and weird stuff, Right? Well no its not. Artificial Intelligence has virtually being in existence for decades long. The United States and maybe Japan and China leads the world in AI Technology, But none as successfully achieved this AI Tech in military term or field, specifically robot corps personnel, RCP (Humanoid); Human like form robots.


Basically, these Robots will be divided in two sets, the full body armored and the robots humanoid corps.

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The full body Armored will be worn and used by the Nigerian Army infantries, instead of ballistic helments and vests, it will be ballistic body armour made with mixtures of elements ever known to man, which uranium is among. The Robot armoured corps will be the same as the armoured body infantry corps but the difference is no one is wearing this, it an AI Robot, controlled by programmed intelligence and body structure each of the Robots corps will be painted in Army green camouflage so it matches the infantry colors.


Now this robot corps idea will be a land mark achievement in the history of Military Technology and AI Technology with a standing personnel of 200,000 the Nigerian Army will be the most technology advance and strongest military in Africa adding a troop of 10,000 Humanoid Robots to it inventory or troops, not in numbers anymore but in technology advancement and ground breaking amour. No country will be matched to the Nigerian army personnel corp, it will be second to none in the world and Africa.


We will take a look at the Robot Armament and the Robot corps order of battle (Divisions)




A duShka like gun in punch and fierceness mounted on their right arm like a glue the body structure of the gun like that of the Israeli made Tavor or Uzi but bullet are immune to any type of armour and can pierce any armour ever made, with a travel distance of kilometers more than the fastest bullet ever made.


The Bullet is Uranium made !.




The Nigerian Army Robots corps (NARC) will consist of 3 divisions with the HQ the Division 1.

Division 1: will consist of 5,000 robot corps and 1,000 Human soldiers as a stop gap measure and it will be headed by a LT. Colonel.


Division 2: Will consist of 3,000 Robots personnel and 1,000 Human Soldiers. Also head by a LT. Colonel.


Division 3: also consist of 2,000 robots personnel and 1,000 Human soldiers headed by a colonel.


This will put the total number of Humanoid Soldiers robots at 10,000. (Wow that’s a lot of robots there.


This might sound a little too futuristic and quacky over-imaginative. Nigeria could achieve this in a frame of a decade if well attended to and dedicated. It might be too expensive (with a money estimate worth $1Bn) well it not for Africa’s Largest economy.


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Technically, it consists of AI’s and body armour made from the strongest metal known to man and some chemical elements. This project or landmark achievement would save Lives or Regular infantries sent to war or combat and no worries of paying salaries for thousands or personnel and even recruitment in years. Their bodies will be impenetrable to Bullets of all kinds including I.E.D’s explosions, it will also be designed and build by the most intelligent Nigerian scientist and programming freaks.


All robots corps will be stored and shut down pending combat time


With all these, The Nigerian Army could be the strongest in the world in Land warfare or armies.


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