Well, this article is based on a word I saw on a defense blog (, blaming Nigeria’s accusations, thinking they are inadequate, and maybe the MOD (MINISTRY OF DEFENSE) as no sense of good and advance procurement. Besides, those procurements listed on the blog was based on the current challenges the Nigerian Armed forces faces and Nigeria is of no threat to smaller nations around it or Threat to it.


Nigeria Purchasing Super-Tucano Aircraft is purposely for the counter-insurgency ops which it faces in the North East part of the country. Although the super-tucano turbo prop aircraft are no match for the Chadian Mig’s or Su’s Jets and it second Generation Interceptor, The Chengdu F7NI is way older and Non-Tech Wise to today War Field, I suppose the procurement chain in the Ministry of Defense is Political but believe me there is a way forward to this , The Nigeria Airforce in February Inaugurate A Surveillance/Combat Drone, The Tsaigumi UAV, which has been combat proven and use as a search and rescue platform for Counter-Insurgency Operations. Nigeria has the Largest ISR Platform in Sub-Saharan Africa; it has invested heavily in acquiring Latest ISR Platforms because it believes in Surveillance first before Attack in today’s modern day warfare.


So basically the way forward is for Nigeria to Invest heavily in Drone Technology and Combat Platforms, The Nigerian Airforce announce Plans to develop Armed UAV called Ichoku, it can be used as a stop gap measure delivering Missiles and Bombs on enemy targets same as a 4++ Generation Fighter Jet. If done well, they might make it bigger than the United States Airforce MQ9 Reaper Drones and even the Chinese CH5 drones, the Structure and look might look like the T 90 Russian Fighter Jet, but might be driven by a propeller (not sure though) if they could achieve dynamics.


So in one word, The Nigeria government could Mass Produce this Ichoku Armed Drones, to replace Manned Jets, this could save lives and cost. I know this sounds a little over-imagined, but believe me it not, The United States has then largest drone fleet on the planet and the Largest Fighter Jets.


So Nigeria can explore drone technology for use as its own fleet of aircraft by mass-producing them and using Latest Technology to deliver Precision strikes and which could be deploy any time any moment. You might also think how will the drones be flown, Drones are mostly flown by specialized operators based on a ground station each drone is flown by the ground command station but now that we are mass producing them, it will be fitted with computerized equipment which will be controlled from one ground station server, each drone can be turned on and programmed to a specific destination or route.


With the United States unwilling to sell out modern aircraft or arms embargoes on Nigeria, (the sky is not the limit) Nigeria should Mass Produce Armed Unmanned Drones for air warfare.




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