The Nigerian Government and Private Defense Manufacturer has to harness their capabilities and forge closer ties with denel, Denel Industries of South Africa has one of the best Defense Production capabilities on the planet, it produces world class military equipment.

dicon rpg-7
A Dicon Rpg-7
dicon machine gun type 81
A machine gun
Nigerian Army Locally Fabricated Vehicle
An Innoson Motors locally manufactured Armoured vehicle
A dicon Armoured Personnel Carrier
A Dicon Mortar

While DICON (DEFENSE INDUSTRY COOPERAATION OF NIGERIA) is also a state Owned defense Manufacturing Company which was established to produce arms for the Nigerian armed forces and civilians, it can harness it technological sense and tap into Denel Technological superiority and expertise and make or produce world class weapons, including tanks and Missiles.

Olifant Tank
An Olifant Tank
denel bateleur
A Denel Made MLRS

Denel is also a (100% state owned) state owned enterprise mostly based in aerospace and defense manufacturing it was founded in 1991 and has it Headquarters Centurion, City of Tshwane, Gauteng, South Africa.

Denel has developed a number of notable products, such as:

  • The Umkhonto vertical launched air defence missile.
  • Mokopa tandem warhead anti-tank guided missile, with a range of 10 km.
  • Together with Gerald Bull, the G6 self-propelled howitzer and G5 towed howitzer, the longest ranged guns in their class worldwide, supported with base bleed, VLAP and the advanced fuzing
  • The 5th generation A-Darterair-to-air missile, currently in the final phases of development.


The Dicon and Some other Private firm had manage to develop and build Equipment’s, ranging from Apc’s and Ballistic armour and vest including Guns (Machine guns). Frankly the DICON has not harness it full potential yet, with funds and High technology expertise could make the Nigerian Armed forces to beat all other African countries in Military equipment both in numbers and in High end Technology. The Recently inducted Tsaigumi UAV could be Armed and re-made by Denel in-conjunction with The Nigerian Air force Engineering groups, It could be armed with the Denel ingwe or Mokopa missiles which had ranges from 10km.

Unlike the South African Government, which is unwilling to invest in Denel, Nigeria has the financial capacity to invest Billions in the joint cooperation of both Denel and the Dicon, which is expected to produce tangible and good result for the Nigerian government.

Denel made Roilvalk one of the best Combat helicopters in the world and it is probably south Africa first and indigenous combat helicopters , the Dicon and the Nigerian air force could use the cooperation opportunity to reverse engineer or use indigenous technology to produce own indigenous armed helicopters  with Denel producing the Technological expertise and training

roilvak helecopter
A denel made Roilvak of the SADF
roilvak helep
A denel made Roilvak of the SADF
roilvak 3
A denel made Roilvak of the SADF

Dicon could reverse engineer the G6 Self Propelled Howitzer and the G5 respectively and also the Olifant Tanks variant, this could make Nigeria, one of the African countries to indigenously manufacture tanks of fourth generation variant and in quantity, though Nigeria might not go in the Chinese foot-steps of Reverse engineering and copying western technologies, to be precise I don’t think Chinese ever had their own indigenous technology, but all the same with the Nigeria defense Industry indigenous technology capabilities, DICON could produce world class weapons for the Nigerian Armed forces, they could also conjunct to produce probably fighter jets, Nigeria has the Money and Human Resource.

seeker 400
Denel Seeker 400
denel g6 155m self propelled artillery gn
Denel G6 Self propelled Artillery


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