Nigeria:The West Africa Super Power

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For decades, she has been the West Africa hegemon with no other country challenging it, with her prowess and pride, we sing Kumbaya in all wars, at the end. Nigerian began a super power journey the moment it was granted independence by Britain in 1960, with a population on the continent, thrice a large as some European countries. What I meant by a “force to reckon with” will be broken-down in set pieces, to counter and balance power in the west Africa sub-region, she created a UN,AU, like alliance or more like a single but diverse entity called ECOWAS, with Nigeria providing 70% of the total funds and support although I can’t really see or say what it has benefit from the community or state alliance Nigeria is the strongest black nation on the planet and has the highest number of blacks followed by brazil, Nigeria was merely seen as a threat or too big botherish in the region, but the western alliance are corrupting the minds of the leaders surrounding Nigeria that, Without he quick elimination of this future super-power, they are gonna be rag-tags in the eyes of the Nigerians, this made them want to destroy and squash this beautiful and economic resourceful hegemon. France showed solidarity in 1967-1970 during the Nigeria civil war period France has no interest in Igbos or any faction of tribes in Nigeria, but eyeing her big and bountiful non-harnessed resource to enrich its own country.


Nigeria also fields liable investment of most western nation including the United States investment worth billions of dollars, likewise the French. I still kind imagine why the two rivals would want to destroy such tangible investment for the sake of smaller and undeveloped West African countries like Chad, Niger and Cameroon. The economies of these three countries are no match for Lagos State Economy with over 100 billion dollars in G.D.P. Nigeria has contributed and involved herself in peace keeping operations technically all of Africa troubled country examples are: sierra leone, Liberia, Congo, Mali etc. A country with not more than 200,000 soldiers contributing to peace keeping operations, that shows technically; Nigeria has projected power both Home and abroad.Buhari_in_Aso_Rock.jpg

Soft power:

Nigeria economy is projected to reach 1.27 trillion dollars by 2020, and surpass 6.0 Trillion dollars by 2030-2050, it also boasts of mineral and human resources. Nigeria has supported smaller African nations from it economic prowess and maintained it big brother role. The next big thing happening to the world is Nigeria!


Hard power: The Nigeria Military has been virtually successful in all ops, but the book-haram insurgency has made the military look more like figure heads; to be candid, the Nigeria army is a force to be recon with, leave it or take it. It has over 200,000 active personnel expected to reach 400,000 by 2025, it newly established Army aviation is


ground breaking which made the army develop it local industries with it hinted Nigeria attack helicopter currently in development shows the Nigeria Army will be self-sufficient by 2020


The Nigeria Army is a watch guard over West Africa, waiting to devour any attack or alliance against it or its allies.


To be continued…..

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