The Future War and Laser Technology

The world is going beginning to gradually leave it fourth generation status and going for fifth Gen and more advance than it was decades ago, Scientist and Technology experts are spending countless man hours and resources on creating light emitting weapons technology; technically guns are to fire bullets, small round iron objects but Guess what; there’s been a change of plan, no more metals penetrating flesh or skins it now lasers.


remember the start wars, The Jedi and the villains used a light emitting sword which was use to fight their wars.


The United States leads the world in military and alien technology (extra-terrestrial technology) thanks to the Roswell incident of 1947 which involves a U.F.O supposedly belonging to an extra-terrestrial crashed and being packed up and closed up. this has gave the united states a sense of what it looks like to fight future wars, making Crazy and Stealth Insane fighters like the B-2 Stealth bomber, The F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Lightening, plans are in place to develop sixth generation aircraft like the Boeing F/A-XX fighter jet (i mean who does that, when the other countries are still trying to successfully build a fifth generation fighter).


The need for laser technology has been developed in the United States, but most of them has not prove to be successfully effective in theaters of war. On July 6, 2018, the U.S Army struck a deal with Raytheon to develop a High energy laser tactical vehicle for a supposed $10 million contact. The program was part of the Army’s indirect fire protection capability.



Lasers have been a mainstay of Sci-Fi battles for decades but making them practical for the battle fields has proven difficult. No private contractors and government angencies in the U.S has developed weapons systems that are making science fiction reality. This development are also taking place in China, when China claimed it has developed a long range laser gun that can burn through the flesh and that can also go as far as nearly a kilometer away.



The need for African leaders to harness their indigenous technological capabilities especially Nigeria to develop laser guns for now and the future, trust me guys, whoever develop a successful laser guns firing real light and piercing skins own today and the future battle fields. forget fifth or sixth generation aircraft a laser air defense system could fire them all down.




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