Review: The Incoming Nigeria’s JF-17’S

Nigeria inked a deal with the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) for the delivery of 3 Jf-17s Block II multirole fighter after it was unveiled at the Dubai Airshow in June 2015.

The Jf-17 was a choice for the Nigeria Airforce as a compliment of it interceptor aircraft which might probably be phased out by 2025-2030. The Jf-17 is in service with the Pakistan Airforce and has been battle proven with over 100 units built.

The Jf-17 which was initially slated for delivery in 2016 was delayed due to allege non-completion of the paymebt for the three jets. An initial $36 dollars (13.1 billion naira) was earmarked for it with the newly approved additional payment of over $47 million, according to the 2018 federal Appropriation bill approved by the President.

The Jf-17 when acquired would further enhance and stamp out Nigeria air dominance and superiority over the skies of west Africa and even sub-saharan africa. The Initial three is more like a jump start or kick-start for over 25-40 units, with the initial three a spear head which would be delivered in coming years.

The Jf-17 is a multirole/economical aircraft for countries not wanting to go into loan for purchasing jets , The Chinese named FC-Xiaolong has a maximum speed of Mach 1.6 and a service ceiling of 16,916m (55,500) and can be fitted with the PL-5RII (short range) air to air missle.

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