The Trio: Russia,Pakistan,China, these countries can activate Nigeria Military Industrial complex

The Nigerian state for decades has been battered with one sanction or the other , both economic and Military sanctions have been faced by the Nigerian Federation. In this article we take a look at what the Trio of Russia,Pakistan, & China could make the Nigeria Military look like. Without giving a damn from the west or her allies.

Firstly, We start with Pakistan, Pakistan and the Nigeria has enjoined quite a mutual cooperation in terms of economic and Military alliance , save it for the induction of the Super Mushak trainer aircraft and also the incoming Jf-17 Thunder fighter jet.

In terms of economy, the economy of Nigeria surpassed that’s of the Pakistan state but in military might Nigeria’s not close at all. Nigeria could harness this cooperation between it and the Pakistan State to build her military might and stamp her place as the west African Hegemonic in defiance of whatever Military drill that might be carried out by non-state actor in Nigeria’s West Africa territory. Pakistan will also assist with the Nuclear expertise, Pakistan possess a number of nuclear weapon well some underenumerated.


o basically The Nigeria Pakistani alliance could make Nigeria The first black nation on the planet to ever possess a nuclear arsenal which Pakistan may however be defiant to the west sanctions threat. The deal is up to the Nigeria federation if it willing to face sanctions and can survive it. (Nigeria becomes a Nuclear armed state)

Secondly is the Chinese Federation, China and Nigeria mutual relationship started back in the late 50s which China played an important role in the Nigeria civil war. China is being referred to as the sixth generation tech innovators, even creating insane and stealth technologies I believe most of them are being copied by the west. China is a superpower in almost virtually every sector of being a superpower, with it possessing over 2 million land personnel making it the largest on the planet, The Nigeria – China’s military cooperation could make Nigeria also a Military Weapons and systems producing state. Nigeria could harness her indeginous technology and tapping into China’s military experience. During the peak times of the Insurgency war in Northeastern Nigeria, Nigeria requested for attack helicopters from the Israeli state, almost at the time of concluding the deal the United states struck with her sanctioning spirit and stopped the deal, this helicopters if eventually purchased would have ended the insurgency (technically) thanks to the Obama administration who accuses the Nigeria state of human right abuses and crime against humanity which was not the main legit reason it did that, well we’d save that for another topic. Now China saved the day by secretly supplying Nigeria with Advance and strike target Armed drones, and other MRAP vehicles to support it in it fight against insurgency, This military cooperation could stamp Nigeria out as a Nation with abundance of Military equipment in numbers and high end technology. ( Nigeria becomes a fighter jet and insane high end UAV’s producing state)

Thirdly and lastly is the Russian Federation. Alliance with The former Soviet Union could Cap it all and grant Nigeria her Africa Military power status overweighting Egypt and Algeria and probably Ethiopia. Now the Soviet Union since the end of the cold war has been in some sort of technology race with the west and it allies I.e Nuclear weapons and Tanks and also fighter jets. Now Nigeria has the Economy prowess to indulge in such an heavy scale Military industrial alliance. With the Russian state assisting with the technical expertise. Nigeria could begin making it own tanks starting from the 4++ generation tanks and also 4++ generation aircraft even owning a 5th generation aircraft (I know I’m been over realistic) trust me guys this could happen if Nigeria is willing to face sanctions which Russian is willing to help her recover despite military sanctions on Nigeria, Russia’s did that before during the Nigeria civil war when it supplied Nigeria with Fighter and bomber aircraft making Nigeria fight in the civil war very easy. Russian can assist her in Nuclear, Fighter aircraft, Land systems technology. (Nigeria becomes an overall superpower)

Conclusion: if Nigeria can risk the sanctions of the west and expand her military and save herself of a military embarrassment and not wait for fought times before arming itself. The Trio Alliance with Nigeria result is Nigeria becoming Africa’s premier Military superpower and one of the world’s finest.

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