Nigeria @58: A Rehabilitation of the Nigeria armed forces

“Slow and steady wins the race ” they say, but in the Nigeria’s case it the irony or should i say opposite, the spate of the development and rehabilitation of the Nigerian armed forces has been slow even slower than expected. This has hindered the the armed forces ability to clear remnant of a 10 year insurgency, with the President claiming the insurgents has been defeated Technically, why would a Technically defeated side still be able to carry out attacks on large military bases and suicide bombings. These happenings shows the poor state of an institution once known as the premier military power in both Africa and the region. Nigeria @58 calls for a state of sober reflection and rethink of those policy makers and decision makers in charge of the staff of power, this should make them rearm of the future not for now, even present challenges does not seem as a very hard or dreadful threat but future ones are the most terrifying, The United states and it allies might be against Nigeria rearming, saying Nigeria is not face with external aggression or big problems, therefore it need for rearming itself with 4++ generation or advance stealth generation military hardware. It calls for a change of direction to the east or even south east Asia, with Russian more than willing to help it.

DEFENSE NIGERIA a military blog has for weeks always pondering and blogging about the rearmament of Nigeria armed forces, stating challenges that are poised for future warfare and external players seeking to destroy Nigeria by proxy. I don’t know if the Nigeria decision makers see this going on in it environs with building of drone facilities and militarization of it hemisphere or should I say they knew about it and choose to ignore. Probably thinking the drone and military build up is mainly for insurgents disturbing the region. Well that a big propaganda in new findings, The United states is planning or already have armed it MQ-9 reapers drones in the region. There’s is basically no report of strike by the drones on insurgents since the induction or build up of the such. The Nigeria decision makers are suppose to see Independence day as everyday for new military inductions, in every arm of the armed forces in the sense that every independence day is to be the day of inductions of New Fighter jet by the air force, New inductions of Land systems by the army and the inductions of Navy vessels and off shore capable vessels.

Conclusion: Thanks to the independence day rehearsal mishap , well sad one, but the Nigeria decision makers does not seems to always react until when the issue is already slowing them to the neck. Which happened a couple days ago, with the air force having just a handful of aircraft available for the protection of the Nigeria airspace. Out of the 15 Chendgu F7NI fighters bought from the Chinese now remains only 7 unit of them, making the aircraft the only super sonic and most advance in the Nigeria air force arsenal. In the height of the Nigeria civil war Nigeria before them has no military air craft until the civil war shown it self as a big threat to the Nigeria existence making Nigeria to seek Eastward and asking for Russia supply of military aircraft and and Britain. Nigeria should not wait for a dine minute before doing the needful in terms of equipping her armed forces. This independence day has call for a rethink and rejig of the Armed forces development plan, the Jf-17 has since been said to be delivered in 2016, now is 2018 going to an end and there’s no sign of it, Even the Super tucano is not 100% guaranteed for 2020 as assured by the United States. The policy makers in charge of Nigeria seat of power should #arm for the future not for current challenges.

God bless our dear Nation. God bless Nigeria.

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