Nigeria Defense Industry: A need to copy the Chinese in reverse engineering

Sometimes without been patriotic, I kinda look at the Nigerian armed forces as a fail safe, I mean considering current challenges and strife going on in Nigeria, the boko-haram insurgency, the Kaduna killings, and religious tension with the Zakzaky led Shia Muslims, whom has been kept in detention for almost two years on many occasions, the Shia members had clashes with the Nigeria military and the opposite attacking with home made mediocre weapons like petrol bombs, Dane guns and stones. Many of the Nigeria army vehicles were been lost to attrition therefore reducing gradually the Nigeria army hardware on paper.

The Tsaiguimi UAV inducted into service by President Mohammed Buhari

This calls for a need for Nigeria to emulate the Chinese in terms of defense hardware procurement and defense hardware production, honestly I don’t think the Chinese ever or probably has their own indigenous technology, I can say countries like Japan and India has produce their own very own indigenous technology based on their indigenous ideas. Now the Chinese first in the 40s were mostly dependent on the Soviet union for arms and military hardware, but it called itself to thinking and set a Mile stone that change the narrative of the Chinese defense industries.

A Bangladesh F7-NI fighter on the tarmac

Whenever the Chinese needed to get or rival a near peer adversary or even it’s enemy, the Chinese will procure one or two of that particular hardware.

I am gonna start with the Mig 21 (fishbed) which the Chinese had a version of it’s own known as the F7-NI fighter or the Chengdu F7. The Chinese adopted the Soviet built aircraft and reverse engineer the aircraft and building a more advance version of the Mig 21. Categorically I will say almost all the hardware in the Chinese inventory are all Soviet or US copied. The latest fifth generation aircraft recently inducted into service by the PLAF , The J-20 stealth Fighter is a similar version of the Russian built fifth generation aircraft, The Su-57, therefore making the Chinese a competitor with the Russians jet or the Americans stealth Fighters.

This is not a crime for a country as large as China, with it been reverse engineering foreign hardwares had helped it a lot in building aircraft in Large quantities and even exporting. China reverse engineered even the S-300 SAM with negotiations ongoing on the new S-400 SAM which is definitely meant for reverse engineering with little or no Russian technical expertise.

Conclusion: Nigeria needs to emulate China with it existing defense industry cooperation (Dicon) even If it means copying the entire platform and making it look exactly like it. The main purpose is to produce hardware on a large scale and make the Nigeria military a self sufficient and Large inventory making it a world power, currently economic super power on the continent, with a large or self sufficient Military hardware will make her an Africa Military power therefore also competing on a global stage. I hope the decision makers will harness Nigeria indigenous technology and reverse engineer stealth technologies and make her military an African prowess.

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