Nigeria since the  pro-independence era was largely dependent on agricultural produce as her main source of economy prowess and GDP, producing 80% of it’s owned consumed foods. Nigeria in  the history of man kind is the only nation on earth to ever condemn or stand against a rule by the Yankees, which many Africa nation even Egypt whom claims to have the strongest of all millitaries on the continent could not do. Nigeria was one of the nations that voted against recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, something that angers Donald trump and made him saying a lot of abusive and offensive words against the Nigeria state.


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Nigeria rose from 45.1 million people  in 1960 to 198 million people in 2018. these made her the largest nation in west Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and largest on the continent as a whole, with the population of Lagos equal to  that of  of 30 African countries. with her population it made her the only representative of the black race in the world, out of every 7 person in Africa, there is a Nigerian. for a large population like this, no professional military would attack this hegemon by land. it is suicide!


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Nigeria showed here commitment in building her economy and showing the west what she is capable of by surpassing south Africa as the largest economy on the continent, when here GDP was rebased this means that Nigeria’s economy is not well calculated or well collated, therefore giving her any GDP number, instead Nigeria decided to do the statistics themselves and made it to the top on the continent. with over $589 billion dollar in GDP and $1 Trillion dollar in estimated parity. Nigeria is projected to be among the world 10 economies by 2050 with Nigeria already planning to be at the Top 20 world’s economies, which i personally think she already made it to but the Yankees would not let go without a fight.

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The GDP of Lagos State is estimated at over 136$bn, which is higher than the GDP of 42 countries in Africa including Kenya with $66bn, Ghana with $61.7bn and Tanzania with $58.44bn.

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In fact Lagos’ GDP is equivalent to the GDP of 19 African countries added together! I dare say that Lagos’ GDP could double the estimated amount, as these figures do not take into account the informal sector, which is believed to be just as large if not larger than the formal sector. with the largest economy being the only largest black nation, contributed to her being the strongest.


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Well frankly speaking in this aspect, i’m not going to say it is established or achieved yet, but by 2020, Nigeria would be self sufficient in Science and Technology. Nigeria understand what it means to have eyes in orbit with the first launching of the Nigcom-Sat 1 Satellite in early 2000’s, Nigeria has over four satellite in space with more coming to be launch, she is planning on launching her own made in Nigeria satellite and lunch from a Nigeria made launch tube or missile. No other Africa nation on the continent could boast of space technology than Nigeria.

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made in Nigeria smart phone by Afrione

Nigeria also has plans to send a man to the moon by 2030, which would set a mile stone and key her place in space decision makers on the planet. although South Africa would be said to have take the lead, but the ability of the south African government to fund technology innovations and miles stones left here behind in the space race, Nigeria version of NASA is the NASDRA( National Space Research and Development Agency) and agency dealing with the Nigeria space and orbit programmes. Nigeria in technology aspect also makes her a black power nation to recon with.

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Well, Patriotism aside HELL NO to this aspect of her prowess. Nigeria since the heavy procurement of the 80’s has failed to harness her indigenous technology and make ground breaking military weapons on a large scale which has made her been ridiculed and wanting to be bullied by external players, Nigeria is like the China of Africa, in China’s case it has the 2nd Largest Economy in the world, the largest in Asia, the strongest Military and also the Largest population. Nigeria should emulate china and make something of herself. though there are measures in place with the current administration doing all it could to make the Nigeria military self sufficient, by 2020 there are gonna be land breaking and mile stone achievement by the Nigeria military, with lunching and inauguration of indigenous stealth technology. The overall man power of the Nigeria armed forces is close to 500,000 active personnel to double by 2020-2025. The Nigeria Military looks promising based on current projections. Nigeria is a black nation to recon with. the next big military is in Africa.



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