Nigerian Air-force Women of war (In pictures)

The current administration of the Nigeria air force as set a priority of women inclusion in all branch of the service. which as seen many landmark and break through by women of the Nigerian Airforce. The Nigeria airforce is dubbed the most professional and largest in SSA (Sub-Saharan Africa). here we take a look of women of the Nigerian airforce landmarks and unit of operations in the service.

A Nigeria airforce female personnel off-boarding a NAF King Air Surveillance Aircraft
NAF female personnel at the Dressing room
NAF female pilot of A Diamond DOA40 Basic trainer
Naf female personnel off-board an ATR-42 Surveillance/Transport Aircraft
NAF Aircraft maintenance crew
NAF Female headed Amebo UAV maintenance crew
NAF all female aircraft maintenance crew

NAF all female aircraft maintenance crew in an aircraft hanger
NAF all female Elite forces during combat training

NAF all female K9 personnel during combat training
NAF Female special forces during training

videoplayback 00970videoplayback 00982videoplayback 00990

videoplayback 01026
NAF Female personnel during moutain climbing training
videoplayback 01038
NAF female personnel doing push ups

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The Nigerian air force remain the one and only most professional and largest in sub-saharan africa with over 10000+ active personnel expect to double by 2025.

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