Africa Propaganda: The way the United states want Americans to see Africa (Part I)


For decades the Scramble for Africa by western or economic powers has been like a game of chess, not just to make it improve or develop but to use it and harness her natural and human resources for their own enrichment. The western powers, The United States to be precise has painted a picture of Africa as a continent of non-existence and low human development. The average American believe, till date that people from Africa are inferior and less educated and less civilized and tend to be animal like individuals, well thanks to Mr. Trump “Shit hole” comment about Africa/Nigeria weird right? in this article i’m gonna explain how the United States of America, painted Africa to the Americans.

Nigeria being the sole Economic and potentially the only world first black super power on the Africa Continent has suffered insults and sanctions by fury America because it probably stand against it and America feeling it an insult to it planetary hegemon. during late December 2017, President of the acclaimed sole world power said in a statement that Haitians has aids and Nigerians won’t go back to their huts, this alone should have sent a clear message to the African Union decision makers that any step of progress taken by them to better the continent would anger the west and proxily bring about sanctions to them, i mean what does that? Nigeria has contributed immensely to the development of the United States in Technology and many sectors of their economy. Nigeria constitute the most educated immigrants in the United States and immigrants migrating to the United States with 37% of Nigerian immigrants holding a Bachelor’s degree, 17% of them holding Master’s degree and 4% holding a doctorate degree, i guess that should not be coming from the supposedly hut living people and third world country, that makes Nigerians educated than most of America’s known elites, not only Nigerians alone but many other African nations.

An Average America does not value education nor much career activities, citing white privileges as a cover for his basic needs and probably has jobs at his disposal than schooling. according to Rick Santorum, An American and the 2016 US Presidential Aspirant said in 2015 that 70% of Americans don’t have college degrees, i mean that’s a suppose first world country and super power right there with only 30% of it’s population only having college degree and some higher educations and degrees. 70% of it’s population has finish or has high school diploma. Now the case in Nigeria is completely a different scenario an average Nigeria believes in education like some sort of traditional belief of some sort , every household wants their children to go to school and at least have the highest attainable educational level he/she could attain with the introduction of the 6-3-3-4 educational system that ensures all persons is college bound and as 90% of attaining a college or university degree.

A continent that was once a potential has risen to being the next hub of economic and technological miles stones and innovation. with an example of the 2014 Ebola outbreak, showing how single handedly without no foreign assistance or aid, dislodge Ebola and make it a thing of the past. back to the President trump statement about Nigerians living in hut the last time i checked, a Hut is a small mud or clay built house like structure and roof patched with leaves or coconut trunks or branches for Pete’s sake this is not the 1780’s  or something the president trump speech made Americans view the country as a rag tag and poor nation with poor people that have little or not human development sense, well thanks to those that have visited there.

According to Nigerian statistics, last time i checked 80% of Nigerian buildings are bricks other wise known as cement built bricks even to the war torn North Eastern part of the country. most Americans live in Ply-wood make shift houses that can easily be destroyed in second, i mean who has the the best of quality then.

Another America propaganda of Africa and Nigeria to be precise is labeling here as a third world country, representing her and making her look under-developed in all rankings and index of the world. Third world country?! honestly I’m not gonna call the largest economy out of 52 African States a third world country contributing to her enormous human and natural resources. Nigeria and Nigerians have to change the perspective of the western players and in one voice fight against Western imperialism and mediocre labeling of the African Continent.

in interviews of black or African Americans, if asked if their ancestry is Nigeria or would they like to visit Africa. 70% says Hell NO! they would irritatingly reject it saying ” i am a black American. many Americans don’t even know where Nigeria is, that;s what the US government wants them to think and see thanks to their chief media propaganda and publicity crew, The CNN and FOX news even the BBC News when reporting on situations in Africa they show rural vies of the country and use words like third world or under-develop/less developed to brain wash their American viewers

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