Leaked: Nigeria Army lost more Soldiers to Boko-Haram (Graphic pictures)

The Nigeria Army has failed the Nigerian Federation and has shown how vulnerable and unsafe we Nigerians are, this is a disgrace to the Nigeria state and a heavy blow to the Nigerian federation. a shame to ECOWAS & the African Union.

Word for the Chief of Army Staff.

Nope. It a sad week for the NA, not a congratulations time. Soldiers are dying senselessly. Let’s stand against corruption in the NA, let’s stand against ignorant generals in the Nigeria army, using the war against insurgency to enrich their pocket in expense of the death of patriotic and gallant soldiers.

Dear Ty Buratai. Kindly equipped our country soldiers with 4-5th generation tanks and MRAP, equipped each soldiers with a fully kitted weaponry and Make history remember you. Kindly take a look at every theatre of operation in the ongoing War against insurgency and flush out officer or Generals enriching their pockets in expense of the life of our dear soldiers.

Let’s say a Big No to corruption in the armed forces and let’s fight against any apolitical persons in the armed forces and make the Nigeria military great again.

Come 2019, Nigeria must decide.

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