AFSF: The Nigeria Elite soldiers that could finish off Boko-haram totally

The Armed forces special forces, AFSF for short are the most elite trained personnel in the entire Nigerian armed forces, they consist of personnel from the Nigeria Army, Nigeria Navy SBS commando, Nigeria air force regiment and the Department of State security personnel The DSS (The Nigerian version of the MI5/FBI)

Two AFSF personnel behind the Chinese made Big foot MRAP

In a move to create a dedicated unit to combat extremism and terrorism and willing not to send in 6 month or nine month trained infantry, the Nigeria armed forces created a special forces in virtually in all part of the armed forces.

Two AFSF Personnel during combat operations in the north east, armed with the Beryl rifle

So basically, the Armed forces special forces are the real deal, badd ass personnel that could wipe out boko haram, if sent in battalion to combat them they are trained by the most elite and strongest special forces on the planet, The British SAS, The Russian Spetnaz, The US Navy seals and even the Pakistan SSG. ranking from first to the 10th in the world the AFSF are kitted with advance weaponry and gadget unlike regular infantry soldiers, though kitted for propaganda but not in the case of the AFSF.

A fierce looking AFSF personnel in readiness for deployment to combat
AFSF personnel in the North east in the war against Boko-Haram

Each Special force personnel armed with the Polish made Beryl M762 rifle for basic armament and other weaponry including two pistols and a balistic vest and helment. if this guys are sent in droves to combat boko-haram, with appropriate air backup and intelligence, they will definenely take over the boko-haram hot bed.


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