The United States is not a better ally of Nigeria. PART 1

Well, since the 1940s the United States a once aspiring and bout to be world hegemon, overtake Britain as the sole world superpower, owing to it large scale industrialisation going on at the time.

It has the highest GDP, the most technological advance innovations and also high ends infrastructure. The American technology is rivalled currently only by China, the next bout to be World Asian superpower.

The United States military is next none. Fielding the most technological advance Fifth generation aircraft on the planet and also the most Technological advance naval fleet in the world. Second only to Germany in tanks and 3rd to Russia and China in advance air defense system.

Basically with all this said, that should explain for the next decade to come no country on earth could rival it’s planetary hegemony. This had made her founding members of super strong economic and military alliances, the most notable is NATO, consisting of first world allies of the State, whom enjoy the United States umbrella of diplomatic and military protection, including the once great Britain as her closest allies.

Now let’s say the United States is a world power without a doubt. Her approach and interference towards rife and wars had made her enemy of virtually any communist country in the world. Most notably The former Soviet Union.

The United States has for decades exercise it hegemony over smaller and weaker countries in military and diplomatic clout. Let start with Vietnam a little country whom the United States intervention till today is a blow to China as the regional hegemony. The Vietnam war shows that the United States though with the strongest military and economy failed in Vietnam to directly win the war.

The United States intervention in states or countries around the world causes more rife and problems even them can’t contain, and they have no choice but to leave it in rubble.

The United States also failed in Iran, effect of her intervention in the country, still leaves the country in rubbles and economy collapse.

Also in Afghanistan, with the Talibans and the terrorist, whom technically and practically were sponsored by the United States, and even tediously fought what they created.

In all, The United States intervention or approach both military and diplomatically towards rife or wars in other countries don’t work. Instead of defeating and conquering their sole target, they will create another problem or issues that would make the host, a war town nation. There are so many interventions. But all are fool proof.

Nigeria should look for a more reliable and formidable Allie, instead of the United States. President Good luck Jonathan found the United States unworthy of an Allie in the heights of the war against terror in the north east. Making us fight boko haram forever, there fore, by proxy arming the terrorist and claiming to help in defeating them.

Therefore, A more reliable ally and friend nation will enable Nigeria defeat Boko haram sooner.

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