First North Korea missile technology, now Ukraine Space tech. The west are watching

Nigeria as long be either hindered by the west in achieving high end tech or by economic sanctions and probably not allowing other countries offer help. Why is this?

The west, particularly the united states has seen a super power potential in Nigeria and has always feared since the war for bakassi that if Nigeria has it hands on high tech hardware, it might take control of the region and the continent and probably have the power to Invade any erring country. Nigeria in a move to beef up her arsenal and Increase and stamp out her influence in Africa. North Korea not Nigeria came first and propose a Missile,not Nuclear technology to beef up Nigeria’s defense and stamp out her hegemony in the region a move that angers Washington.

With a barrage of threatening sanctions. Nigeria disclaim and denied anything of such, something it should have done in secret, and maybe on parades, those missile weapons will be seen on parades with high tech hardware, just like the CH-3 rainbow drone, if Nigeria had successfully acquired that technology she would have been successful in building her own missile from scratch and successful in it’s rocketry programme, because to lift up or propulse a missile you need to have mastered the art of rocketry.

Now, Ukraine comes in like an angel of light offering a helping hand towards Nigeria, to assist her in building satellites and rockets and also teach her the art of rocketry propulsions. Nigeria and Ukraine has been on the headline since the third quarter of this year. Both countries already signed a space tech pact.

The west are anxiously watching on this, like an hunter anxiously looking at a deer to get in it’s trap. Now Ukraine in it recent visit to Abuja to the office of the Minister of Science and Technology, reiterating it’s commitment in ensuring that Nigeria achieve her goal of mastering rocketry technology and producing satellite on it’s own. Ukraine is planning to opening a satellite production centre.

Why all this assistance? Reason is, Nigeria already helped Ukraine in her time of troubles, now it’s returning the favour by assisting Nigeria standout in the world and be on par with supposedly first world countries.

Rocketry Technology? Space exploration? Defence? Nigeria is on her way to her supposedly denied missile technology exploration and achievement. With the collaboration of Ukraine and Nasdra and also the DSA(Defense space Administration).

According to Dr. Kushanarow, their main area of activities includes launch vehicle and defense rocketry system adding that they will also consider potential cooperation in remote sensing which include high-resolution satellites.

Accordung to the minister, Memorandum of understanding (MOU) for peaceful space exploration will be signed at the end the discussion between the representatives of both countries.

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