Britain’s Plot to invade Africa: Colonial Imperialism

Gavin Williamson

This good looking man is Gavin Williamson, former British Defence Secretary. The man who wanted to invade Africa….unfortunately/fortunately for him there was a leak.

A leaked National Security Document revealed that the British Defence secretary drew up plans for the British Armed Forces to be sent to “at least five African countries, including Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya and Egypt. The shocking report stated emphatically that the Defence secretary was “finding excuses” to deploy the army to certain countries on the African continent. He was hell bent on sending British troops into four African countries.

To corraborate this report, the Sunday Times also quoted a NSC document showing that Williamson was also determined to deploy British troops to Africa. According to the paper, he wanted military chiefs to present plans for intervention in at least five African states, including Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya and Egypt.

“He wanted to invade Africa . . . He made it clear that he was keen to send the troops in,” the paper reported.

Sounds familiar? Let’s go back memory lane.

In 2013, two years after NATO forces bombed the crap out of Libya, former South African president, Thabo Mbeki made a shocking revelation that Britain wanted to invade Zimbawe.

Thabo Mbeki told Aljazeera that he was under pressure from the Labour regime of Tony Blair to co-operate in a military invasion to depose of former president Robert Mugabe and Zanu-PF in the early 2000s. In his words :

“There is a retired chief of the British Armed Forces (Lord Charles Guthrie),who said he had to withstand pressure from then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair who was saying to the chief of the British Armed Forces you must work out a military plan so that we can physically remove Robert Mugabe.

“We knew that because we had come under the same pressure that we needed to cooperate in some scheme. It was a regime change scheme, even to the point of using military force and we were saying no.”

Those Brits just can’t get it out of their system, can they?

For those who scoff at the idea of Britain invading an African country the following report should troubling.

In February the British Defence secretary wanted to send an aircraft carrier into disputed waters of the China Seas in a display of “hard power”, a part of this country’s military strategy in the post-Brexit world, may seem to resonate with imperial hubris and echoes of Pax Britannica.

And the language used by defence secretary Gavin Williamson in announcing the deployment was indeed full of reference to past challenges, fortitude and triumphs – evoking the Raj and the “Great Game”, the Second World War, Churchill and the “darkest hours”, and “east of Suez”.

Remember Britainnia recently just commissioned the HMS Queen Elizabeth. At 65,000 ton it is the biggest warship ever built by Britain. According to Williamson, having built the ships, one needs to use them. And sending them to the China Seas where Beijing is expanding militarily, claiming ownership of islands and extra-territorial waters and building a chain of military bases is justified to assert freedom of navigation.

To this effort he created an initiative to buy off-the-shelf drones to create a “swarm” fleet to be used alongside the F-35 Stealth Fighters on board the aircraft carriers.

One thing we gotta realize is that this guy wasnt joking. He personally requested to former British Prime Minister Theresa May that HMS Queen Elizabeth be sent with Stealth Fighters to challenge Chinese military aggression.

When May refused to let him send Royal Navy warships into Chinese waters in the South China Sea, the former defence secretary allegedly scrawled “f*** the prime minister” on the paperwork.

Former Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson (L) speaks with staff during a visit to Vanguard-class submarine HMS Vigilant, one of the UK’s four nuclear warhead-carrying submarines at HM Naval Base Clyde, Faslane, west of Glasgow, Scotland on April 29, 2019. – A tour of the submarine was arranged to mark fifty years of the continuous, at sea nuclear deterrent. (Photo by James Glossop / POOL / AFP)

Why is this development significant?

Because Nigerians are living in denial. We’ve been living in denial for decades. Unfortunately the fact that we have been very luckily has only given credence for continuous living in denial. The security problems plaguing the region is alien to us. It has no precedence. It’s all manufactured. They create the problem, and come with solutions.

These colonialist’s are still living in nostalgia; considering how they looted our resources for so long. We must take cognisance of the fact that though the allies were victorious, that victory came at a steep price. Every major city in Europe was reduced to rubble in the deadliest war in the history of humanity. A war that claimed the lives of 83 million people.

Britain rebuilt %30 its infrastructure and economy by pillaging the resources of her colonies until her industrial sector kicked off. With France it was %90. France never left Africa. Lacking the resourcefulness of the United States, Britain and Germany, France rebuilt %90 of its economy in the backs of its colonies on such a scale that today, these francophone countries are yet to recover. They suffered abject poverty and mental slavery that persists till this day. This is pretty obvious when you consider the fact that the poorest and most economically dependent and backward countries in Africa were/are francophone States.

But these pillaged resources that helped rebuild France have reached the end of their lifespan. They have been exhausted and suddenly we are witnessing a renewed scramble for Africa by these powers.

The plot to “invade Africa”

In 2011 a Wikileaks memo revealed that France and Cameroon had finalized plans to invade and occupy Calabar, a city bordering Cameroon. The plan was only shelved when Boko Haram bursts into the scene. In a twist of Paradox Boko Haram had inadvently saved Nigeria from an invasion that would have been catastrophic and embarrassing.

Boko Haram however became the perfect target of opportunity. France began a clandestine operation in providing finance, equipment and training for the Boko Haram sect in a bid to continue with its destabilization plot against Nigeria.

Unbeknownst to Cameroon and France however the Nigerian Government was in the know about the activities of France designed to provoke Nigeria into a military clash. The fatal mistake of defanging the Nigerian military was all too glaring now. Nigeria was simply not prepared. It needed two years to re-arm. To this end the Federal government had all along tread with caution and refused to make it public to avoid full-blown confrontation between both countries.

The DSS created a covert operation via 3rd party channels to secretely acquire unmanned attack drones and helicopters for fear of alerting the curiosity of the French.


In February, the franco-alliance carried out a false flag operation. Boko Haram “reportedly” crossed into Cameroon, kidnapped seven French tourists and took them across the border back into Nigeria, all without making a rukus. There was no eye witnesses. Nothing to back up the claim.

On the 20th of February French special forces arrived in northern Cameroon to help locate a French family who were “kidnapped” and moved to Nigeria. The French government said the abduction of three adults and four children highlights the risk to French nationals and interests in Africa.

“French special forces came in yesterday from N’Djamena to help with the investigation. They left yesterday and came back today,” Augustine Fonka Awa, governor of Cameroon’s Far North Region, told the press.

He declined to say how many French military arrived from their regional base in Chad’s capital, which is about 40 miles (60 km) from where the French tourists were taken.

It is expected that French forces will engage in resolving this issue from within Cameroonian borders, with the support of the Cameroon government,” He said.

The Nigerian government however doubted the credibility of the report without any corroborating evidence. However thevNigerian army spokesman Colonel Sagir Musa said “the armed forces were on alert … ready to apprehend any criminal elements or terrorist that come into our areas.”

At the end of the day $400,000 was paid to Boko Haram for the release of the “hostages” to the chagrin of the Nigerian government.

Source: defensenigeria

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