Nigeria Army Lethal bombs arsenal!

Mauser 27mm calibre revolver cannon

The BK 27 is a gas-operated cannon firing a new series of 27×145 mm cartridges. The cannon is a single-barrel, high performance, breech-cylinder gun operated by a fully automatic electrically fired gas-operated system at a selective rate of 1000 or 1700 rounds per minute.



500kg (500Ib) General purpose bombs

A general-purpose bomb is an air-dropped bomb. It basically comprises of a thick-walled metal casing with explosive filler.

Two men from the Nigerian air force ordnance unit pose for a photo.
Ordnance crew preparing 500kg bombs for deployment.

With a blast raduis of a 100 metres, a single bomb eliminates all life within the size of a football field.

An F-7Ni fighter with its compliment of bombs on display during the courtesy visit of the Jordanian Air Force Chief to his Nigerian counterpart.

In low-altitude attacks, there is a danger of the attacking aircraft being caught in the blast of its own weapons. To address this problem, GP bombs are often fitted with parachutes to allow the aircraft time to escape the detonation.


Enough said.

If you are within a hundred metres when the bomb is going off, you are in a very bad situation.

Ordnance crew weapon installation an an Alpha jet.
Ordnance crew weapon installation an an Alpha jet.

If the bomb is already going off…. just try to run as fast you can and hope for the best. You likely will not make it……..because it has a lethal fragmentation radius of about 200 metres.



A 250kg bomb generally have a blast radius of about 75 metres.

Weapons loading crew installing a 250kg bomb on an F-7Ni fighter.
Ordnance crew weapon installation on an F-7Ni fighter.
Ordnance crew weapon installation on an F-7Ni fighter.
An Alpha jet strapped with two pairs of bombs and rocket pods.

You can be outside the pressure wave raduis but can still be stuck by a piece of shrapnel.

nafwomen3 (1)

Matra Type 116M rocket launcher

The Mantra 116 is an expendable rocket launcher pod with a frangible nose cone, loaded with 19 SNEB 68mm rockets which were fired in a single rippled 0.5 second salvo with a time interval of 33 milliseconds between each rocket firing.

Loaded with 19 SNEB 68mm rockets, it can be pre-programmed on the ground to fire in shots or in one single ripple salvo. The pod is automatically jettisoned after all the rockets are expended.


The 68mm SNEB rocket is used primarily by the Aero L-39 trainer/light attack jet, Alpha light attack jet and helicopter gunships


An Aero L-39 light attack jet and it panoply of weapons

The Aero L-39 carries the high explosive 66mm rockets fired in pods of 19. It is capable of hitting fast moving targets such as cars with modest accuracy.

Aero L-39 being loaded with rockets.


An Alpha jet being loaded with 68mm rockets.
An Alpha jet with a cluster munition capsule and mantra rocket pods.


Helicopters are not known for being the most useful bombing platforms, but Nigerian helicopter gunships, namely the Mi-24/35 Hind series and Mi-17multii-role helicopters, are still capable of hauling gravity bombs, highlighting the lethal efficiency of Nigeria’s modernised rotary wing fleet.

The RBK 500 is one of the most lethal weapon in the NAF. It is a high explosive fragmentation cluster bomb, designed to decimate lightly amoured vehicles, infantry, fuel dump, field fortifications etc.

Two RBK bombs strapped on the stub of an Mi-35M helicopter gunship.

The Mi-35 helicopter gunship can carry four of this deadly weapon.

An Mi-35 helicopter armed and ready.
An Mi-35M strapped with four RBK 500 Genersl Purpose Bomb lifts off for a strike mission during combat operations.
RBK 500 bomb with AO-2.5RT subminition

FAB 500 M54 BOMB

Think RBK 500 on steroids. That is the FAB 500 GPB. It is the most powerful unguided “dumb” bomb in the Nigerian Air Force arsenal.



These bombs are part of a family of weapons known as volumetric weapons, dispersing fuel into the air around the bomb moments before detonation. The fuel then ignites, creating a large fireball and causing a powerful shock wave.

2019-09-04 18.27.43

An Mi-17sh multi-role helicopter and its panoply of weapons is put on display during the visit of the Jordanian Air Force Chief to Nigeria.
An Mi-17sh is strapped with four FAB 500 GPB for a night attack against Boko Haram insurgents.

These weapons are potentially devastating when used in densely populated areas and has been a source of friction between the Nigerian military and Amnesty International. Used sparingly in the sparsely populated parts of the northeast, it is the weapon that keeps Boko Haram fighters tremble and cower into their foxhole.

The devastation this bomb brings can best be summed up in these photos.


Source: defensenigeria

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