600 Nigerian Immigrants leaving South Africa immediately

The Nigerian government will repatriate 600 citizens from South Africa this week following a wave of xenophobic violence that has sparked sharp exchanges between Africa’s two superpowers.

According to the Nigerian Consulate General in Johannesburg, Godwin Adams, the first flight will carry 320 Nigerians and the rest will follow immediately after that.

South Africa has been rocked by a series of deadly attacks that started last week. So far abour 12 people have been killed in the violence. Hundreds of Nigerian owned shops have been looted and destroyed.

The South African police have been reluctant to put an end to the violence against migrants. This mirrors the promise made by South Africa’s President, Cyril Ramaphosa in January where he pledged to go after foreign owned businesses if elected into office..

The South African governments lethargic response to the plight of migrants under attack is indicative of a national wide receptiveness and tolerance towards these barbaric attacks against migrants.

Politically Expediencey?

South Africa have been replacing it’s municipal workers based on race and they are ending up with under-trained personnel. Their utilities are slowly crumbling and the competent, sensing the tickling social time bomb are fleeing in droves.

The South African government has failed to live up to their electoral promises and they are blaming it on foreigners. Not their failed economic policies. Foreigners.

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