Indian Navy Ship NNS Tarkash makes Port Call to Lagos, Nigeria

The Indian Navy ship INS Tarkash made a port call to the Nigerian Navy Western Naval Command in Lagos this week. The visit was part of the Indian Navy’s overseas deployment to Africa, Europe and Russia. The INS Tarkash arrived Lagos on 05 September, 2019 for a three day visit.

As an Asian superpower, the Indian Navy is one of Asia’s largest and most powerfull, consosting of surface ships, submarines and an aircraft carrier. The only Asian Navy with an aircraft carrier in operation.

INS Tarkash is one of the potent frontline frigate of the Indian Navy. The ship boasts of a versatile range of weapons and sophisticated sensors.

According to the captain of INS Tarkash, Sathish Vasudev, the Indian Navy’s choice of Nigeria as it’s first and only port call in Africa is obvious. The Nigerian Navy is the largest and among the most capable Navies in Africa South of the Sahara.

It is the only Brown water navy with limited blue water capability in the region, and as such, professional interactions are planned with the Nigerian Navy towards further enhancing co-operation between the two regional giants.

Nigerian Navy Chief of Naval Staff receives the crew of INS Tarkash at the Western Naval Command, Lagos during a Port Call on 05 September 2019.
Nigerian Navy crew aboard the Indian Navy frigate INS Tarkash,
The crew of INS Tarkash given a tour of NNS Centenary.

The ship will also be conducting a Medical Camp along with Nigerian Navy doctors for the local population.

On 08 September, NNS Tarkash conducted a Passage Exercise at sea with NNS Unity at sea to enhance interoperability between both navies.

INS Tarkash and NNS Unity conducting a conducted a Passage Exercise at sea.
Nigerian Navy ships NNS Unity, NNS Centenary and Indian Navy Ship INS Tarkash.
INS Tarkash and NNS Unity conducting a conducted a Passage Exercise at sea.
A NN Augusta Westland Helicopter lifts off the deck of NNS Centenary during a Passage Exercise with the Indian Navy Ship INS Tarkash.
INS Tarkash and NNS Unity conducting a conducted a Passage Exercise at sea.

Nigeria and India have traditionally enjoyed warm and friendly relations, sharing common values of democracy, development and secularism. A number of bilateral arrangements for defence co-operation and cultural exchange exist between the two countries.

The Indian Armed Forces also conduct various training courses for personnel of the Nigerian Armed Forces at Defence Training Institutions in India. It is a matter of great pride that the President of Nigeria, H.E. Muhammadu Buhari is an alumnus of the 29th Staff Course from the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington (TN), India and the Chief of the Naval Staff of the Nigerian Navy, Vice Admiral Ibok Ete Ekwe Ibas also underwent ab-initio training with the Indian Navy at Kochi in 1983 – 84.

Indian Navy ships are regularly deployed overseas as part of Indian Navy’s mission of building ‘bridges of friendship’ and strengthening international cooperation with friendly countries.

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